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Short Handlers lead with French Snap 4 Colors

Short Handlers lead with French Snap 4 Colors

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Several years ago I was looking for an over the should Jaeger style leash made of a synthetic all weather material that I could leave in an open truck bed with a French Snap and could not find one. So I designed an over the should leash and while it was great for sneaking up on game with a dog at heel, I discovered it was cumbersome to use in a field trial, and for general use. So after trying several different lengths I decided this was in my opinion the ideal length. This leash stores quickly in your bird vest after release. If you do not wear a bird vest check out my Medium Handlers lead that can be worn across your body.

This leash is also great if you want to keep your dog close for more control.

32" Handlers lead that comes with French Snap squeeze quick release. Made from Leather like Biothane Beta Super Heavy material that is water resistant.

The Orange, Pink, Purple, and Teal options come with SS hardware. All USA Hardware.

Please contact me if you have an event and you need expedited handling we will do our best to accommodate you.
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