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Jaeger Lead Over the Shoulder Walker Leash 4 colors

Jaeger Lead Over the Shoulder Walker Leash 4 colors

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Several years ago I started looking for a Jaeger style lead (hands free, over the shoulder) that was made of a synthetic all-weather material that I could leave in the open bed of a truck that also had a quick release French snap. I could not find one, so I started sourcing materials, and designing one to create my own. I thought this leash type would be ideal for hunt test, field trials, and hunting. I found it not to be ideal for field trials (see my other two listings for field trial leashes), but extremely helpful anytime you need to heel your dog with a gun or anything in your hand.

This is a hands free over the shoulder lead made from Biothane Super Heavy Beta. Similar to a Jaeger lead, but it has a longer drop to the dog than the ones I have seen. This makes it easier to walk in rough terrain over longer distances.

Orange, Pink, Purple, and Teal options come with SS French Snap, and SS hardware. All USA Materials. Hand made in Georgia, USA

One size fits most.

Mix color or custom size options available, see custom order form.

Please contact me if you have an event and you need expedited handling we will do our best to accommodate you.
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